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I attended the town hall meeting at which Senator Ebke presented a most informative session on the whole Article V method of calling a convention of states to consider proposed constitutional amendments. I have supported this notion for a couple of years now and I am more than delighted that Laura is spearheading the movement here in Nebraska.

It was doubly enjoyable for me since, though we have communicated many times via email and blogs over the last few years, this was my first opportunity to meet her face-to-face. So not only did I get to enjoy a well-done presentation, but actually got to meet someone for whom I have a profound respect.

By the bye, if you want to learn more about the whole Article V process, may I recommend Mark Levin's book, "The Liberty Amendments". It pretty much explains the philosophy and history of the idea.

I continue to enjoy RSE ... keep up the good work.


It was an absolute delight to meet you face to face. Uncle Wiggly was on my list of "must follows", and I enjoyed our many online interactions over the years.

And as I look at the current blogrolls, it occurs to me that I should go through these lists sometime, and see who is still up and running, and who isn't. I suspect that with the advent of social media, a number of my "must-reads" are no longer in existence.

Thanks for being there Saturday evening!



Thanks for your encouragement. It always feels good to think - there is Ed somewhere out there, and he is following the blog.

I share your profound respect for Laura, whom I admire as a political persona, and really, really like as a person.

I envy you for having met her in person.

Thanks for the book tip. I am going to watch some of the Levin videos on YouTube, this must suffice for the time being, as I do not have enough time to study the book, presently.

All the best to you, dear Ed.

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