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Georg! You must be paying awfully close attention to the Nebraska legislature! :-)

Whenever I can.

I think you are doing an incredibly important job, and it is such a privilege to be able to closely observe what you are doing.

I have reached a point in my political development where I understand better than ever before how decisive it is that those conscious of freedom engage in concrete politics as you do.

Drawing attention to the secret ballot issue (for voting on legislative leadership positions)is an excellent move by a new Senator, as it is a most worthwhile exercise in keeping us aware of the fundamentals of democracy and freedom.

Also, I like your speech, as I have explained more specifically in a comment on your "senatorial" facebook page.

Thanks for the great work.

Give yourself some rest today.

Senator Laura, I am writing to tell you how appalled I am that you choose to try and amend the minimum wage bill. The voters in NE. didn't vote for this so you or anyone else could come in and dismantle it! This bill the way it stands will help students pay their way through college. What this sounds like to me is nothing more than age discrimination. These young adults deserve a fighting chance in life, I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears, NE voters spoke please respect that!

Randy, sorry I didn't see this before now. I don't spend much time over here.

The minimum wage bill applies ONLY to those STUDENTS who are 18 and under. It is not mandatory, and many employers (including WalMart) have already indicated that they intend to continue paying the adult minimum wage or more.

That said, the bill was brought to me by small town grocers--some of whom run very slim profit margins, and operate with very small staffs during the "after-school" period. You may know that there are some things--running certain equipment, handling sharp objects, lifting things above a certain weight--that employees under the age of 19 are not allowed to do, because of federal labor law.

The goal of this bill is to make it a bit more financially feasible for small employers to hire young workers--many of whom have never worked a job before, and many who can't do the full range of work that other employees working at the same time are able to do.

Employers are only allowed to pay the lower rate for up to 25% of their total payroll hours, so businesses that hire predominantly high school aged workers (fast food establishments, etc.) probably wouldn't mess with this.

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