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Sounds like Apple has embraced the the infamous "form over function" philosophy. I was never a believer in Jobs' vaunted marketing "wizardry". I always felt his success was mostly due a lot of tech geniuses behind him, led by Steve Wozniak. I'm guessing Woz would have designed a real wowser of a watch that would do everything including brew your morning coffee - but it likely would have been ugly as a Missouri mud-hen.

Apple has, over the years been a VERY bizarre business entity - up and down like a hooker at an Elk's Club picnic. They have developed some absolutely wonderful products, and also fielded some of the goofiest ideas in the universe. Jobs just sort of used them as his own private corporate yo-yo. Seems like they may be going into another "waning" period.

But I will always remember my Apple IIe - I had one of the first ones ... and it was, for the time, a little slice of heaven.

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