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I received the below comment on facebook, which latter I continue to be unable to handle, leaving me unclear as to whether my reply to the comment was accepted or blown off into nirvana, so I replicate the dialogue here without revealing the commenter's identity.

I hate facebook - and do not understand how in the age of user-friendliness such a tool could ever achieve popularity.

Here is the comment:

I wonder how much your point of view is affected by being in a country that in your life has gone from militarized to much less so with law enforcement that is truly peaceful compared to here. In the last 40 years I have watched as ours has grown outrageously large and abusive. I will give credit to local law enforcement for their restraint (in spite of them tazing to death a guy I knew). But I also realize if I were black or hispanic in this country I would by now have been hassled by the police hundreds of times and arrested several. I do agree that libertarians need to understand the workings of government. After all, you can't just come in and blow the whole place up.

My reply:

[...] it does appear that - in this respect - we live in a different world over here in Germany. The terrible abuse of the police by the Nazis has left us with an inheritance of extreme restraint in police behaviour. At any rate, I feel that libertarians should try to be friends of the police, at least in the sense of putting themselves in their shoes, and looking at the problems from an inside perspective as well. There ought to be an appreciation of the positive contributions the police make day by day to a free society. The terrible abuses must be dealt with, of course, but should not lead us to collectivise the police under a heading of hate and disgust. Thank you for your comment. I wish there were more comments at RSE.

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