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I'm not sure if I qualify as a "convert", Georg, but your writings over the last couple of years have certainly given me new ways to think about concerns that I have had for many years about the inherent inadequacies in Rationalism. You will no doubt be surprised (or maybe even alarmed!) at my general agreement with you since I am a practicing and sincere Catholic christian.

One of the sources that I find extremely congenial in gaining a working understanding of how faith and reason can not just coexist but actually support each other is Stuart Kauffman's work on complexity theory and especially his ideas about "emergence". I especially recommend his essay "Breaking the Galilean Spell" which can be found here (http://www.edge.org/conversation/breaking-the-galilean-spell)

Great post, Georg ... as usual.

Thanks, Ed, for your interesting and encouraging comment.

I have not yet studied the article that you recommend, just browsed it a moment ago in the most superficial way.

I am looking forward to a more thorough reading of the text, soon.

Emergent order as the basis of a free society (or more precisely an increasingly free society, as there is no such thing as an ideal state or end state of freedom), I think, is perfectly compatible with the notion of a supreme power embracing us in its mercy.

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