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Reason and truth have little to do with contemporary politics, Georg. Politics has become blood-sport, and is all about tactics and strategies now ... with little or no regard for whether good public policy is the goal.

Those who advocate for liberty in a principled and coherent way endure, as you state above, a lot of unwarranted (and largely unfounded) criticism. Tis a cross that each must bear, I guess. Thank you for not folding in the face of such "outrageous slings and arrows."

Good to hear from you, Ed. I hope you're doing fine.

As for "outrageous slings and arrows", I'm not that exposed.

The real hero is Laura Ebke.

Good thing, she's accepting the challenge of running for Legislature in Nebraska.

Gentlemen--I've wandered back in, reading all the comments...

Thanks, Georg, for the kind words.

My race has just gotten real (I now have an opponent).

Go, Laura, go!!!!

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