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Georg, are you in French Polynesia or did you just think that this was a cool video?

Oh dear, Laura. I'm not at all into long distance travel. My distaste of the long haul flight is directly proportional to the distance to be covered in that manner so unaccustomed to the human biped.

To convince me of the ordeal's need, it would take an unusually worthwhile enterprise - like coming over to Lincoln to tell people how lucky they are to be able to vote for you.

I completely lack any feelings of "Fernweh", literally: far-sickness (hankering for the distant) - "Heimweh" is the German term for home-sickness, which latter still grips me almost like it did when I was a child, especially at the first night of staying somewhere away from home.

No, I cherish the richness of my immediate surroundings - warum in die Ferne schweifen, wenn das Gute liegt so nah? Why roam the far, when there is so much good in the near.

I suppose, the ability to appreciate the local environment in its plentiful qualities is another thing that makes us congenial.

You could always come in May (to celebrate the Primary Election)--or if not more than one other person files against, me, next November, for the General Election! You'd find that Election Night can be great fun in the States!

I'm with you, though. I've never really had the desire to travel too far.

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