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Well put, Georg. The full-boil libertarian has always bothered me because of his utter inability to understand that this just isn't a clear-cut binary world. Sometimes (often, in fact) situations/problems/crises do not resolve cleanly into right/wrong, good/bad, black/white, etc. And to expect there to be a moral algorithm into which we plug some inputs and the appropriate solution pops out is to be silly to the point of mortal danger.

I especially liked this passage:

It is a rationalistic error to assume that moral behaviour must be reducible to deductively valid trains of reasoning. For morality to be effective, i.e. improve the chances of survival for a group, it must be able to transmit experiences that transcend the purview of an individual's reasoning.

Every political and social theorist should have that tattooed on the back of his/her hand. Again, kudos.

Ed, to have in you a careful and discerning reader means a lot to me. Thank you ever so much for your attention and your thoughts.

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