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Maybe it's a liberty loving thing, but I have a terrible time walking away from popcorn, as well.

You've now turned my popcorn eating into science, though. I'd never stopped to think about how or why--just how much I enjoyed....

The marketing piece is interesting, though. While we don't go to the movies that often, popcorn is my snack of choice.

I love popcorn too. However, they are as dangerous - to me - as Gummibärchen (gummy bear): I can't stop eating the stuff until the entire supply is gone.


While there's nothing like the full throttled taste of popcorn popped in that coconut or peanut oil (whichever is the stuff that they say is really bad for you), drenched in the fake butter at the theater, at home, we use the air popper, and when I'm feeling righteous (or am short on butter to melt), I spray it down with a canola oil butter flavored spray. Few calories, and won't clog my arteries as badly, they say.

Oh, ohhh, what have we got here?


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