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Great post, by my favourite politician!

Are you happy with how things are going for you, especially in terms of your own political goals?

Is the sequester-issue a central theme in your daily political work?

Hi Georg. Thanks for the kind words. And thanks for keeping things alive here. I have lots of good intentions about writing more, but there seems not to be enough hours in the day sometimes...

Things are going well with my campaign. The Tea Party sentiment appears to be alive and well in my district. I knocked on a door the other day, handed the gentleman who answered my little introductory flyer, and he said:"Are you a Republican?" When I answered affirmatively (it's a non-partisan race, so I hope to get some Democrats voting for me as well and don't flaunt the Party), he said "Are you Conservative?" I felt comfortable saying "yes." Then he asked "Are you Tea Party?" I guess I'd never thought of myself in exactly those terms, but I'm pretty Tea Party-ish (although maybe more Tea Party than most Tea Party folks). So I said "yes" (not knowing whether he might be a progressive ready to slam the door in my face). He held out his hand, shakes it, and says "you've got my vote."

People are increasingly tired of government, I think. Not everyone, but the people who are paying attention and paying the taxes are certainly getting tired of it. :)

I am glad to hear your campaigning is going well.

I want you to win. You are much needed.

Your political success takes precedence over many things, rightly, least of which is this blog.

All the more, it's a joy to see you come back to RSE with your great way of writing and your wonderful observations and ideas.

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