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They have nuclear weapons. Probably "only" the technology that we had in the 50's, but still certainly more than capable of killing millions of people.

You're right - they have said they want to talk. And most people seem to think that we should at least talk to them.

What I find interesting is the media treatment. Iran has no nuclear weapon, and there's no evidence that they're pursuing one. Yet we seemingly can't wait to drop a nuclear weapon on them. However, N Korea is a nuclear power, run by a man every bit as belligerent as Ahmadinejad, and the conversation is only revolving around "should we talk to him?"

Is North Korea a nuclear power? How do we know? Who told us they were and do they have an agenda? Are they the same people who told us Iraq had nukes? Are they the same people telling us that Iran has nukes? Would North Korea lie about whether they have them? If North Korea can do nuclear fission then why not power their country?


Great post, thanks Triple Hash. Having read it, I was wondering whether the young new dictator has lost power to the generals, or is he going along with them so as not to lose power, or is he the driving force behind the threats? Is the ruling elite so desparate as to venture a tragic end game? What face-saving exit strategies are available, and could they be expedited by judicious Western policies? Tricky case.

North Korea has admitted to having them, and has also sucessfully tested them 2 or 3 times.

Some of the same people who told us that Iraq didn't have WMDs and that Iran doesn't have nukes are telling us that North Korea does have nukes.

I'm going to go with that.

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