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Thanks for this fascinating post, Eric. I am an INTJ, with theses qualities

You have moderate preference of Introversion over Extraversion (56%)

You have distinctive preference of Intuition over Sensing (62%)

You have marginal or no preference of Thinking over Feeling (1%)

You have distinctive preference of Judging over Perceiving (67%)

A caveat, however, with rather a large number of questions, I am not sure which way to choose; on a different day, I might be inclined to choose differently, ending up a different type.

Of course, the test is a black box, and I cannot possibly judge how good it is.

I am certainly not inclined toward the career options recommended for my type, and while I have worked in financiual institutions I did not fit too well there (too unconventional):

"Due to the characteristics mentioned above, successful INTJs are found in technological companies, particularly in research and development, and also found among corporate lawyers, high- and mid-rank managers in technology companies and financial institutions".

I doubt that one's political preference has much to do with personal propensities of the type identified in the test.

Interest in the matter of politics and society, time expended on studying the relevant issues, and ultimately quality of education about political and sociial questions trump personal psychological ideosyncracies, I would venture to hypothesize.

If the freedom paradigm dominated education and the media, libertarians wouldn't be a fringe group.

I think, it is von Mises, who describes that a very large percentage of the educated [a small segment of society then, but at least they WERE educated, unlike many of the educated today] in the 19th century were classical liberals in Germany; before a war started to get waged against liberalism, which was going to remain to this day the most hated and most ardently attacked political creed in Germany. Hitler hated the liberals more than anyone else; understandably, they were the one's that opposed authoritarianism, while the rest off the political schools were authority-oriented and could be won over for his totalitarian schemes, even the social democrats, who I would never accuse of collaborating with Hitler, but fundamentally believe in the saviour quality of authority; in that sense the social democratic mindset is rather susceptible to accepting leeadership, under certain historical coinditions, even utterly totalitarian leadership (witness J.M. Keynes who considered Nazi Germany the ideal playground for his economic policies).

INTJ's, Unite! ;-)

All INTJ's, yet so wonderfully different.

That is interesting. INTJ as well. Had a conversation with a British scientist about the universe being of four parts, old idea being renewed several years back in Scientific American w/ a Michigan scientist as well. German (Jungian) friend illustrates Extravert by spear going out (Caesar) and Intravert with spear going in (the Christ) as in this illustration by Fra Angelica (linked below). Kabbalistic Tree of Life likewise fourfold: Atziluth: Fire (Intuition), Briah: Air (Thinking), Yetzirah: Water (Formation) Assiah Earth (Action) and that is the zodiac as well (3 water, 3 earth, 3 air, 3 fire making up the cosmic 12).

. . . and incidentally, the William Strauss and Neil Howe book "The Fourth Turning" convincingly makes the case that all post-war periods are made up of four 20-year generations (Eisenhower first, John Lennon second, etc.) meeting the criteria of the four types and falling apart around the 65 year (we are in the 66th post-war year), then crashing for the last. Harry Dent, the economist who accurately predicted the 2007 crash and today predicts the stock market to fall to 3,500, uses a similar method.

More happy thoughts, heh, Bernie?

It is interesting, though, that it would seem that bloggers of a libetarianish persuasion seem to have a strong INTJ tendency. Wonder why that is...

And now, even though I've been vaguely familiar with "The Fourth Turning" (I think it's even on my bookshelf in real paper version--as opposed to digital on my Nook), I'm going to have to actually read it...Add that to the list.

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