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Here (see the second link in the above post) is an opportunity for anarchist-leaning libertarians to offer their two cent in the face of an argument based on Marxist(-inspired) anarchism.

The post demands: "Repeat after me: gun control is racist."

I will not repeat after anyone, and cerainly not if I am asked to repeat a statement that is not true in my opinion.

There is any number of motives behind the demands for gun-control; to subsume them summarily under "racism" is a propagandistic abuse that I cannot leave unopposed.

People have the right to demand gun control, whether I like it or not. This does not make them racist or in other ways deserving of disdain.

I cannot imagine that anyone who - like myself - accepts the right of a free person to bear arms, is not at the same time favouring/practicing some sort of gun control, or demanding that all of us should observe certain standards of gun control, voluntarily praticed or enforced by law.

The issue is subtle and complex, with the devil residing in the details.

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