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Well that was scary. I was so taken aback that I stopped sipping my coffee - no small thing that.

Oh, if we could just kill without being killed! If we could conquer quickly! Then all would be well and republicans would rule. Nothing about the spending and lost rights anywhere in there. Nothing about the military being a hammer and seeing nails around the world while sucking every last depreciating dollar from the coffers. His screed was a killer's lament. I don't think I want to know this Spartan throwback's domestic point-of-view. If he touts liberty, he'd be disingenuous. Big militaries and freedom are antithetical.

It sure does make one wonder what kind of foreign policy would have manifested if Romney and the republicans had won.


Justin Rainmondo:

"Like vampires risen from the dead each night, these creatures who shun the light and feast on pain and suffering, are refreshed and ready to take wing again. What they seek is what makes them feel alive and energizes them to want more, and that is war. They are the War Party, and they are Democrats and Republicans. They are columnists and publishers and academics, as well as politicians and publicists. They don’t have much of a mass base: they prefer to work in the shadows, manipulating rather than inspiring. By such Machiavellian means have they managed to stay viable, in spite of the disasters they have wrought through the years – giving them more scope for fresh disasters yet to be imagined."

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