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LOL, Eric. We need to exchange communication again. I agree with you, and boy, are we having fun here in Nebraska!

Yes we do. I feel sort of silly that I just was so caught up in other stuff this summer that I never noticed what was really happening. It's the old saying about the trees and forest, right?

I have another bigger thought about the movement which I will hopefully get around to writing about soon once I can formulate it in my head.

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My problem is becoming this: I know that “people” are watching what I’m writing, so I have to be more careful about my free flowing, off the top-of-my-head musings... Some are really trying to deny what’s happening, though, and for some reason, they think “libertarian” is something that it’s really not for most of us…  I keep telling them than “libertarian” is not “libertine”. 

Yes, there is an element of risk to stating your philosophical musings. Frankly, I'm to the point now where I don't think it matters a whole lot. Our numbers (and this is mainly people who are not me) will take up the charge and move things the right way. Before, I felt like the only one trying to move liberty into a party kicking and screaming to reject it. Now, every young person is almost automatically on our side.

Of course, I'm not a leader in lots of groups like yours. I pretty much just go to work and cause trouble with local government agencies with our Taxpayers Alliance. I'm glad that you're winning and I wonder what it will be like in another 4 years. Despite the lamentations of Ron Paul hard core crazies the liberty movement did not die with the end of the campaign - it blossomed.

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Yes, it’s absolutely blossomed.  And what’s amazing, actually, is that I think the hijinks of the Party at the convention probably worked to our advantage.  Some of the Tea Party types who weren’t so sure about the RLC/Paul folks have all of a sudden had their eyes opened to the way the establishment works. What’s very cool (in Nebraska), is that the RLC, which at the beginning of the year, barely had enough paid members to keep our charter, now has 7 times as many paid members as we’d had at our peak point before.  We went from being about a dozen of us doing anything, to having 5 ACTIVE chapters of both paid members and friends, working for candidates, working within their local party, participating in the YRs.   And I think the Chief Executive of the state still isn’t very happy with me, based upon the cold shoulder I got when he was in town the other day at a school related activity that I was at by virtue of my membership on the school board.  I don’t mind that, though. All in all, we’re having a big impact.  We’re becoming the go-to activists for some candidates who need help. 

To your last point is the most important. We are the ones with the ideas and energy. It is what sets us apart and puts the movement on extremely sound footing. Sort of ties into what I've been thinking for a few days now.

On an unrelated note, despite the small readership of the blog and participation in comments by only a few of us I have found my role (however limited) in the blog to be one that has truly enriched my life intellectually and personally as I now have friends and co-conspirators all around the country and world. I have only met one yet feel that the process of writing to a ( probably very small) audience has been exceptionally beneficial to me. Thanks for hosting.

On the point of the blog conspiracy, I feel the same. Except for "Triple Hash", and a few of the occasional "Nebraska contributors" you're the only co-conspirator that I've met, yet here in my little town, I find myself referring to things that my "friends" in Michigan, South Carolina, California (Jayel), and Germany have written about. It makes me seem much more worldly than I am, and I truly believe that if all of us were ever to get together, it'd seem like we'd known each other for a long time...

"Hey GOP! You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile."

A great ending to a fantastic article. Thanks, Eric. Assimilation into freedom... what a pleasant-sounding adaptation.

We've seen underhanded tricks at both conventions. If a larger "handful" of libertarian swing-votes makes its way to congress, what kind of underhanded parliamentary maneuvers could we expect?

But, if Laura's theory of advantageous hijinks is correct, the instant communication of any attempted misbehavior would be yet more proof to further enhance the movement, maintaining a perpetuity within the cycle. Sounds good to me!

I am a faithful reader of this blog. Though I seldom comment, I love to come here & see what you all are thinking. I "found" Ron Paul in 2007 & have followed him ever since-even was a delegate to the NE convention in 2008. Had another baby in '09 but she's growing up so I hope to get involved once again. I agree with what Eric said in his article; you can feel the change coming. I try to talk with as many people as I can about freedom and liberty and the Republican shenanigans. So many have no clue because they think that FOX News tells the truth! Keep up the great work with this blog!

Thanks, Karla! We've got some things happening out in your part of the state--it seems to me that you were in Lincoln or Dawson county, right? We have friends all over the place now! Glad to know that you're still around...

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