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Non-interventionism, or what we pro-defense libertarians like to call surrender-tarianism, is a viewpoint of the LEFTWING of the libertarian movement. Only LEFT-LIBERTARIANS are anxious to surrender to Islamo-Fascism. We Right-Libertarians want to fight back.

We don't want our wives/girlfriends forced to wear ugly black burkas from head to toe, bikinis outlaws, alcohol and gambling banned, our gay friends hung from lampposts, and our marijuana smoking buddies jailed for life under Sharia Law.

Paul Ryan holds vies consistent with Right-libertarians. A Left-libertarian (America-hater) he is not. Thankfully!

Eric Dondero, Publisher

You are eight times more likely to be killed by the police than a muslim terrorist.
How do you explain that our goverment is cheering on Al Qaeda and the CFR says Al Qaeda is great?

I'm not a "surrender-tarian", I'm just educated. How the crap does votingfor bailouts make Ryan libertarian in any universe?
I take offence to being called an American-hater, it's ignorance that's killing it.

Could it be that the neoconservatives are desperate for libertarian votes? Could they be stretching the meaning of libertarianism (the belief in the non-initiation of force) to sound like a watered-down version of their own socialist ideals to get those votes?

Great post, Jayel.

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