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It certainly makes you wonder what the GOP has stood for. As a party, it has become rigid and controlled from the top - as your experiences show. That's not a good sign for liberty which is more bottom up.

And from the top I mean the big players at the national level who then start the s**t flowing downhill, pressuring everyone (governors included) to make efforts to game the system their way. It's scripted to provide a comfort level to the hierarchy. They're deathly afraid of boat-rocking even if it's a genuine attempt by very organized supporters who believe in the power of change. The brow-beating y'all are taking shows that you've struck a pretty big nerve - maybe one that extends to the power center in Washington.

I wish you the best and hope you accept the offers of help extended your way. Sometimes force can be effectively counteracted by numbers.

Coincidentally (and I didn't make the connection, before), Bastille Day actually IS on July 14, which is when our convention is.

Sweet mother of pearl ... turns out the "go-along, get-along" crowd isn't nearly as nice as they want everyone to believe. Laura, you are my hero ... I'm a little ashamed of myself for not having offered more palpable support to what I now see is (and was) a very significant movement. I hope your liberty folks clean the establishment's clock at the convention.

As to Eric's query above as to what the GOP has stood for ... it has been pretty apparent for several years now just how hollow and top-heavy the Republican establishment has become - at the state as well as the national level. That was precisely the why I changed my registration to "Non-partisan" after the McCain fiasco of 2008 (though I had to change back this year to be able to vote for Paul in the primary, thanks to Nebraska's crummy closed primary law).

... and I think the whole "Bastille Day" trope is quite appropriate. Give 'em hell ....

It gets even more interesting. Chairman Fahleson, who was scheduled to run for National Committeeman (and resign as chair, leaving the position open), has decided not to run for National Committeeman and hold his chairmanship until the next regular election after the first of the year. My guess is that they (the "establishment") were trying to count their votes, and were worried about whether they'd be able to win the chairmanship.

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