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you are misusing the terms "conceding the nomination" and "concession of the nomination".

So let me see if I've got this straight ... while the Paul campaign was enjoying a modicum of success over the past months, the "Paul Revolution" was viewed with approbation by Benton et al ... but now that the fireworks are more or less over, they are all a bunch of scalawags and the Paul campaign is running from them? Seems like you're not giving Paul much credit for loyalty to his supporters. Mightn't an ever so much more sensible answer be that RP has simply decided to husband his meager resources to continue the crusade into the future? (Recall that one of Ron Paul's main precepts is fiscal responsibility)

I was a long time coming to Ron Paul, and one of the main reasons that I finally did support him was his incredible consistency - his goals have never varied ... and I don't believe he has changed either his mission or his message as the 2012 denouement draws near.

His much-articulated strategy has ALWAYS been to secure as many delegates as possible (Paul is a very smart man - I doubt he ever seriously entertained the notion that he would actually be elected POTUS) ... and securing delegates is what the efforts both in and out of the "official" campaign have always been about. You draw what seems to me to be a delicate, even spurious, distinction between Paul's inner circle and the grass-roots movement on his behalf (what you call the Ron Paul Revolution). Too much conspiracy theory, too many "wheels-within-wheels", too many shadows where none exist ... in short, your approach is too cynical by half ... Ron Paul supporters are just, well, Ron Paul supporters ... and that's all he has ever asked any of us to be.

I have been involved in some "delegate training" meetings here in Nebraska, since the official announcement by the campaign. I was, quite frankly, expecting anger from some (at the Paul campaign staff), and apathy by the rest, for believing that there was no point in showing up anymore.

I saw nothing more than mere hints of either of those things. The Ron Paul supporters of this time around (as opposed to 2008), seem--on the whole--to have a much longer view of the effort. When I see 21 year olds asking me how they can get themselves positioned to being county GOP officers, or when they're asking me questions about the commitment of time involved in being on their county or state central committees, I have a new sense of hope. There are far more principled folks this time around than last, who understand that the battle is not just about Ron Paul, but about the soul of the Republican Party.

There have been several things about the "official" campaign that have frustrated me, at times. But those of us who are students of political history have known all along that the chances of Ron Paul becoming president were/are virtually nil. But this may be an instance of winning without winning, if the balance of power starts to shift inside the Republican Party.

Twenty years. That's how long it took between Barry Goldwater's "grow up conservatives" speech in 1960 until the heir of the conservative revolution, Ronald Reagan, was elected in 1980. Start the clock with the Rally for the Republic in 2008. I don't think it's going to take that long this time, but it's not going to happen this year.

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