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Brrr. What my kids wouldn't do to get some of that here.

Our winter has been mild even by SC standards. The star and saucer magnolias are blooming, as well as the loropetalum, forsythia and daffodils. I've also had to prune the rose bushes already.

It's to be in the mid 70s with a thunderstorm this evening as a "cold Front" moves through, dropping highs back into the 60s for the week.

It's actually been a pretty mild winter, and while my back could do without the heavy snows, we really can't complain--this is the first time we've had enough snow to even pull out the snow blower. It's approaching 30 degrees right now, and the golf course down the road is full of kids sledding. Perfect snowman snow.

Even so, what I wouldn't give to be in the midst of blooming magnolias. I loved southern "winters" when we lived in NC and TN.

We've had a very mild winter, too. Only in the last two weeks did a spell of severe cold reach us from the East, with night temperatures down to -4 Fahrenheit (-20 C) and day temps between -5 and -10 C (23 F to 14 F). A short period of crisp, dry, sunny coldness like this (with little snow but enough to powder the landscape picturesquely) is ok with me. After all, as far as winter goes, I am close to my ideal seasonal proportions, this year: I feel, the year should consist of 4 months of spring, 4 months of summer, 3 months of autumn, and 1 month of winter, real winter like at present.

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We think the same where ideal weather is concerned, Georg.  Although I’d be happy to give up one of the months of summer to make autumn a little longer.  Spring and Autumn are my favorite times of year. 

You write:

"I’d be happy to give up one of the months of summer to make autumn a little longer."

No problem with that, whatsoever.

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