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Wow. Good for them! I'm still so amazed how they're traveling all over the country like they are.

That's exactly what I thought, Eric.

In fact, the older I get the harder I find it to get me to travel at all.

I am lucky to live in Europe, where everything's around the corner. I am amazed at my American friends who travel much vaster distances frequently and as a matter of course.

Wait the telephone is ringing ...

What a coincidence:

My brother-in-law has just called me, asking me if I'd care to fly with him to Montepellier - at 14 € for a RyanAir roundtrip. He knows the aerea inside out - he's the perfect tour guide.

If I were more reiselustig (eager to travel), I could spend every weekend in another exciting place in Europe - at reasonable cost. And there is a large number of such destinations within 1 (like Montpellier) or 2 flying hours.

If it were me, Georg, I would go - especially if one has a perfect tour guide. You are very lucky to have so many travel destinations so close. Someday I hope to breath it all in myself.

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