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It appears that Dondero is on the loose, as well: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-57348489-503544/ron-paul-camp-fires-back-at-ex-aide-over-column-on-israel-gays/

ROTFL - from what I heard, "performance issues" is a really, really polite way to phrase it.

Great reporting Angela. Amazing how you can keep up with it all.

On my way home tonight, I tuned into a talk radio show which boasts a "libertarian" host. Tomorrow his guest is some guy who wrote a news article entitled "Why Ron Paul Can't Be Allowed to Win The Iowa Caucus". The host chuckled as he said the title. The next sentence out of his mouth was how he loved Newt Gingrich and couldn't wait to have him back on the show.

Propaganda? You bet. It's everywhere and I reiterate that we'd better get past listening to the media and form or own opinions or we're screwed.

How do you form opinions without the media, though, Eric? Votes in Congress? Works for some, and might be a good indication of where they stand--if you're willing to wade through the thousands of votes cast each year, and read the legislation, or the statements found in the Congressional Record... I'm just not sure most people are willing or able to do that.

You and I may be willing and able to dig deeper than the average person. But there's plenty of evidence to indicate that most people are just not going to be engaged most of the time.

And you're right--this is GREAT reporting! Thanks, Angela!

"I'm just not sure most people are willing or able to do that."

Then who do you trust to parse the info and hand out the opinion for you? And how does one know when not to trust that source anymore? If this can't be done, then we're sunk. It's not like media is to become accountable in its own right. The only way would be for everyone to question their lies. Back to square one...

"And you're right--this is GREAT reporting!"

Wow! I was right about something. ;)

We're probably just sunk...

I agree, it's a bad situation we're in. The Internet has made it both better and worse: easier access to primary sources for those who want to find it, but also more "sources" that people ascribe authority to when they really shouldn't.

The internet has made it easier to find out facts and, historically, keeping people from comparing notes has been the goal of the powerful: divide and conquer. This is why it's heartening to read pieces like the one by Angela's hubby, who recognizes the tea party and OWS as two sides that have the potential to hook up.

We can only hope that the ability to compare notes reawakens the notion of liberty. The chance is very real because the early 20th century populist movement tried the big government route. It has clearly failed. If a new populist movement is in the making, the anger and suspicion against Wall Street and K street (and the understanding that the laws favor those groups) might bring about a reduction in government.

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