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"Markets exist and prices form for no other reason than people being different, and hence valuing the same things differently."

Well written, Georg. Thanks.

Thanks, Eric, I value your comments highly. I just wonder what your thoughts are on my next post, where I happen to mention you in the context of a topic on which we are practically of the same opinion, and yet not in fundamental agreement. A paradox? I don't think. Just a constructive difference on an issue that, I am sure, we both appreciate in its enormous difficulty.

One of the things that I enjoy so much about my RSE family is that while we have quite strenuous disagreements about some things, those differences aren't really about the direction in which we should travel, but rather in the means and speed of conveyance. At some point in time, I suppose all of us have had one or more of the others around here disagree on some interpretation or goal. I'm always grateful that in our differences, we are able to discuss--sometimes moving one another, sometimes not; but always (from my perspective), helping to bring clarity.

Absolutely, Laura. Take an example: I hate to concede that your strictures of the way in which Ron Paul('s campaign) handles the Newsletter question is quite simply less than satisfactory, in precisely the way you have uncovered. At the same time, there is nothing I would disagree on what Eric Parks has explained in the dialogue between you on the matter.

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