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I was watching CSPAN, and someone was interviewing Santorum. Basically, he said that at #4, he was up there with the "big boys (and girls)" and that (with the exception of Ron Paul), they were all serious candidates. Seriously, he made a point of saying "except Ron Paul". Jerk.

But this is what we've gotten used to. And the question is simple: HAS Ron Paul's base expanded enough? I don't think we'll really know the answer to that question until we get to January and February with the early primaries and caucuses.

At nearly 5,000 people, we could make the argument that it has expanded.

Another upside is that now the mediots can't complain the RP "bought" a good showing without accusing Bachmann of doing the same thing.

Ron Paul has expanded, in Iowa, no doubt. The IAC4L was one of the first to incorporate, and the people who are/were in charge of it, are now the people running his Iowa campaign. Drew Ivers, the lead guy there, is without a doubt one of the most experienced and savvy organizers to work Iowa. He goes WAY back to Christian Coalition days (at least). He's good, and he's got lots of connections.

My point is still this: Iowa is small enough that a well organized "boots on the ground" campaign can give you the appearance of being more than you are. That's not to say that Dr. Paul's message hasn't expanded significantly--I hope that it has. But the practical aspects of politics requires more than that you're able to get 5000 people (many activists) to come and spend $30 to vote for you in Iowa--it requires that you be able to get "regular Republicans" around the country to vote for you. We don't know yet whether he's crossed over into being popular enough with regular Republicans to make a real race of this, or whether he's going to be a one-state wonder.

My neighbors in Iowa are an anomaly in the political world. Nowhere else (except perhaps in New Hampshire) do regular citizens see so much of presidential candidates. Nowhere else do they take such a pride in being "first"--and that probably results in a higher degree of vesting in the system than most people are going to have. When we start seeing him moving into high teen range on a consistent basis, rather than averaging in the single digits in most national polls, then I'll be ready to say that he's expanded significantly. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2012/president/us/republican_presidential_nomination-1452.html Last time around, I think he got something like 11% of the Republican vote (13% in Nebraska, but by the time we got here, it was either McCain or Paul--everyone else was off the ballot).

The straw poll is fun--and it would have been even more fun if he had won it, but in reality, it really doesn't say much about who's going to get the nomination, most of the time. Romney won it last time; McCain didn't even show up.

I think the worst thing of this event is it gave Santorum new life. He is going to give Paul fits in debates by constantly attaching his ideas to things that are so far from reality, but sound scary, that it is going to cripple him from reaching more mainstream repubs. Paul needs to figure out how to effectively kneecap Santorum's attacks and turn it around on him to make HIM look like the extremist. I googled Santorum, and every interview he's given since the results he's made a point to attack Ron Paul. Paul's gotta find a way to cleverly shut him down.

Ben, I think you're right on all counts where Santorum is concerned.

I don't know. I think ignoring him is the best thing Ron can do. Always attack up, as they say.

Rand, on the other hand, doesn't have to play by such rules.

My sense is that "turning the other cheek" with Santorum won't work. Maybe Rand can be the "heavy", but someone has to do.

As for the attacking up--that's what Santorum is doing. But just because you "attack up", doesn't mean that you've got to stand and take it from those below.

I agree, I don't think he should come out swinging against him or be sending out mailers on Santorum's record, etc. However, when he attacks Paul in debates, etc he needs to do a better job of deflecting it and turning it around on Santorum and shutting him up.

And you are right, Rand and the Revolution PAC do not have to play by the same "rules" as Ron. :-)

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