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Thanks, Eric, for another great post. In fact, one among a most welcome wave of new posts by our fellow bloggers - thanks to all of you for versatile and worthwhile input!

Commander Jeff Huber is always an exceptionally rewarding read, in the article you refer to above, he writes:

"Even more of a wry puzzle is that the nation that spends more on weaponry and its supporting gizmology than the rest of the world combined is locked in a seemingly eternal stalemate with adversaries who have no defense budget whatsoever."

Huber just posted part two of his article:


Thanks for the hint. I encourage everyone to folllow Huber.

He has an excellent writing style and depth of military knowledge along with great characterizations of all of the "players". Thanks for introducing me to his website, Georg.

I totally agree with you, Eric, concerning the talents you mention. Had you chanced on his website before me, you would have introduced me to yet another of your excellent sources. Let's keep make discoveries for one another.

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