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I happened to catch this on the television while vacationing in North Carolina. Flipping desperately through the channels for ANYTHING worth watching, I recoiled to see Mitt Romney speaking on the tube. Then I noticed the little caption at the bottom which read "UP NEXT: RON PAUL". So I muted Mr. 'No Apology' (I was a little surprised, however, to see a few hairs out of place. Didn't know plastic could do that.) and waited for Dr. Paul's appearance.

After seeing Mittney becoming a bit more animated, it was clear he was coming in for a landing so I turned up the sound to listen. It was a typically well-delivered, yet totally canned diatribe about America's greatness. Why, this country hardly needs fixing at all! After his speech, there was a brief moment of fanfare and flashing cameras. The crowd seemed to thin out when he left. No doubt his paid entourage had left the building.

Then Ron Paul came on and started out with his pro-life stance. After that he started talking about the book of Samuel. (It seems that I read something along those lines in a recent article?) The crowd warmed up as he went along and it felt like he may have just swayed a few in the crowd. It was certainly a better speech from the point-of-view of content. More of a heartfelt discussion than a speech, really.

I couldn't watch the whole thing because I had to run out to do an errand. Mr. Wead has once again written a very nice, upbeat article. Thanks Angela!

I was just getting ready to re-post an article from NEWSMAX on this very topic, when I realized that it was the same piece.

Thanks for posting this.

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