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Great article.

"As for Europe, it's perfectly obvious that those other nations would not have had the luxury of sacrificing their militaries if we weren't so happy to let them use ours. They get the greatest deal in the world - we subsidize their defense by putting our troops there, we subsidize their medical systems by subsidizing research and providing drugs for less than cost, and then we send them staggering amounts of financial aid when their systems start showing signs of collapse. "

So true. I believe this situation to be a sculpted one for purposes of seducing a nation which clings to liberty more than most. All of those health care systems are propped up as a clarion call to us, showing us how wonderful it is. We need only give in and accept the same system, except that we are the policeman to the world. In this sense, shouldn't the other nations pay us royalties or something? "Sorry, Israel, but we're not policing the area unless you send us 2 trillion a year." or "Of course, Europe, we'll ensure your flow of oil from the Middle East. All you have to do is charge a fee of, say, 1,000 dollars per capita per annum. Call us back. We'll do lunch."

This is the one point that I make often when talking to liberals; those wonderful people, with a palm branch in their right hand and a dagger in their left, ceaselessly extol the virtues of a massive bloated "free" health care system. The point seems to always to escape them that they would have a much harder go of it if they had to fork over a good chunk of their dwindling pay for bigger military budgets.

Sort of the same happens with the conservatives; those wonderful people, with a palm branch in their left hand and a dagger in their right, when it comes to discussing particular socialist entitlements that they cling to. They're so worried about them but they just can't give up their military adventurism.

Of the two, I'd say the conservatives are worse. They seem to view large swaths of foreigners as cannon fodder, and all under the pretense of "security". This while they extol the virtues if freedom? They're truly warped in that sense.

Indeed something has got to give. Hopefully, both sides will have to concede.

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