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Classical liberalism regarded those laws best that afforded the least discretionary power to executive authorities, thus avoiding arbitrariness and abuse. The modern state seeks to expand its discretionary power. Everything is to be left to the discretion of officials. - Ludwig von Mises

I wonder what are the chances that the folks at Bold actually care about Nebraska water? Is the risk of water-soluble tar-sands oil leaking into the Nebraska water really a risk?

I mean really, folks... TC has tens of thousands of miles of pipeline, and only a couple hundred leaks annually. IF the Keystone II does leak, it really won't matter, will it? We all know oil and water don't mix, right? So cleaning up an underground oil spill should be easy.

Of course, the fact that this is water-soluble oil MIGHT make it more difficult.

I wonder how bad it would really be to have an oil spill in the acquifer?

On the other hand, TransCanada has a pipeline in eastern Nebraska, running through Cedar County and south. Maybe they should just run their second pipeline there?


Water? You think this is about water? Do you hear your master, overlord laughing at you right now?

This is about oil and the transportation of said oil.

Tell you what, this weekend at the Berkshire meeting, you ask Warren B. how much money he'll make if the pipeline isn't built.

That's what this is about. Pull your head out.


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