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The truth-be-told, we have our friend Bernie Quigley to thank for this. I wrote the original piece about LB 515 a few days ago, and he picked up on it, and mentioned that he'd try to use that in his next article. It appeared, under his byline, on his blog (QUIGLEY in our blogroll), the Hill's Pundits Blog, and on the Tenth Amendment Center's blog today. I DID make note of it on the Campaign for Liberty website, and in a newsletter to the NEC4L troops today, but didn't even think of doing anything more here. So, in my best "aw, shucks" Midwestern, dirt clicking style, thank you, Angela for posting this--it saved me from having to look too self serving by doing it myself :) !

Well then congrats to Bernie too! This was showing up as the most-read article for the day when I was over there earlier.

It's dropped to third now (I guess that's what that means), but that's still pretty cool.

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