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I saw this on a Facebook status report from the RLC a few hours ago. I can't begin to tell you how mad it made me. I think you've got this all exactly right. But, this whole thing is a good test--if the Republican Leadership of Boehner and company deny Ron Paul that chairmanship, it proves that they really didn't get it.

The latecomers to the Paul bandwagon in my part of the country (the people who became Tea Partiers after Obama was elected), might not agree with Ron Paul on foreign policy, but they sure agree with him on Auditing the Fed and a general distrust of that institution--at least the ones I've talked to about that. The NEC4L took a huge Audit the Fed banner to a couple of Tea Parties sponsored by other groups, and it was very well received.

If Boehner and his minions are stupid enough to turn their backs on the Tea Party folks--who are very much responsible for their ascension to power--then they get what they deserve in the future, and that women's restroom may not even be completed before they get ousted from power.

Gregg is ABSOLUTELY a banking stooge.

Whatever made any one think that Boehner was a true conservative. If Paul does not get the Chairmanship of that committee, we will know who to vote out the next time around.

Of course the problem is finding someone in his district of Ohio to vote him out. Either that or have enough people elected from around the country to stage a challenge to hi as Speaker.

It's possible, though, that this is just anonymous sources who are trying to see how stirred up they can get us. I haven't seen anything official from the C4L that would suggest that Dr. Paul is concerned about this. Now if something comes out from C4L or from Ron Paul's mailing list, then it would be time to get excited, I think.

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