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But the point isn't whether she ran around the car, the point is whether she lied when she said she was 'just holding a sign' and that the closest she came to Rand was 5 feet away and that was when she was being chased at him. Instead of that she twice shoved a hard sign into the window of a moving vehicle at his face and eyes, and when pushed away the first time just went back and did it again.

I don't think the 'stomp' was justified -- she was already down. But she's a liar making it worse and worse every time she speaks. Last thing she said was that it was a 'premeditated take down' by Rand Paul supporters who just didn't like her politics. And the Dem party of kentucky are superimposing repeated footage of the 'stomp' over statements of Rand's policies in a new ad they are airing saying Rand will 'stomp on Kentucky'. And they are airing it only in Lexington..... and Bowling Green. Nice, huh?

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