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That looks absolutely disgusting. I don't understand how anyone could eat that. Ewwwww.

Please excuse my visceral reaction.

Do the British have a lot of indigestion? I sure would if I ate that stuff.

Good question, Laura. While I like the stuff - perversely-, it does not agree with me at all. I get the squitters.

I am off to Mainz, Wiesbaden and Frankfurt this morning - maybe I`ll have an English breakfast in one of the many British places in the area.

It is about time we had a post on American breakfast - don't you think?

Also, thanks a lot for the post on the Monty Python event in the royal Albert Hall. Certainly a highlight. I am afraid inertia will keep me grounded, though.

From the looks of it, an English breakfast is the perfect way to start a 24 hour fast.

That explains the fall of the British Empire.... makes me nauseous just looking at it. I'll stick with 2 eggs, wheat toast and maybe just one piece of bacon.

Sounds cool to me.

I'll have only one egg, two wheat toasts (correction: two slices of untoasted wheat bread), no bacon, some cheese instead, with my bread. Earl Grey, a quarter of a liter of it, as well as a glass of organge juice.

(I don't drink milk at all - it's as agreeable to my stomach as English breakfast).

To be fair, The picture does not do the full English justice. A couple of slices of un smoked back bacon grilled, with 2 pork sausages, fresh grilled halved tomotos, fresh mushrooms lightly sauted in butter and 2 fried eggs with runny yolk, 2 slices of thick sliced fried bread, I usually brush with oil then toast under the grill. Then you can optionally add to this Black pudding, bubble & sqeak (mashed potato mixed with onion & cabbage shaped into patties, then fried) and Baked beans. Serve with 2 slices of toast and a mug of tea. Made correctly this is deliceous and will set you up for the day, you would usually have this on a sunday or a day where you wouldnt be expecting to eat lunch.

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