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Now that we're on the subject of cultural culinary customs...

Those "breakfasts" look more like what I'd think of as "lunch". We'd never dream of eating cheese for breakfast (except melted in our omelets).

Then, again, my daughter, who did some home stays while traveling a couple of years ago through Germany, said that one host family that she had seemed to be offering her beer and wine all the time--she said by the time she left the country, all she really wanted was a cold glass of water (apparently something that isn't typically offered even in restaurants there, and which you have to ask for), and a glass of cold milk. Here in the states, for most of us, alcohol intake with meals is limited to evening meals (in our house, that's rare, even, unless there's something special happening, or we've gone out to eat).

I often have cheese and fruit for breakfast. Georg, what is that stuff that looks like two slices of meat bread on the cutting board in the top picture?

Sorry, Georg, I meant the middle picture.

I strongly suspect, it's a variant of Leberkäse (see bottom of below lonk, where Leberkäse (literally, "liver cheese" - though it has nothing to do with cheese) is described as:


A very popular high quality meatloaf made from minced pork and beef. It can be eaten hot or cold.



You write:

Here in the states, for most of us, alcohol intake with meals is limited to evening meals ...

Now, that is largely the case in Germany too.

Mind you, you will find moderatly drinking people, enjoying, say, a glass of Italian red wine, to accompany their lunch (at noon).

Wine growing regions have developed all sorts of methods of making alcohol consumption compatible with an orderly life - from spritzers to years-and-years of getting used to a lot of booze.

At any rate, obedience is the true additction of Germans. Tell 'em to smoke - they will smoke. Thell 'em not to, they won't. Tell 'em not to drink, and they won't drink. Tell 'em to drink, and they will drink.

Tell 'em to attack Poland, and they will attack Poland. Tell 'em to respect the borders of Poland, and they will respect the borders of Poland.

In a word: they are a very, very dangerous people. A fact that has not been discovered and taken advantage of in recent years.

But just you wait.

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