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Like your passport, banknotes and as far as I know also gold coins, are considered property of the issuer, which you only hold (and are held responsible for!), but it is not actually your property and can be recalled by the issuer (whose only obligation it then is to replace it with something of alleged same -nominal i.e. face- value). Therefore holding gold coins of the jurisdiction in which you reside can be dangerous and so for the smart investor who no longer trusts his government's fiat currency and who wishes to invest in gold, it may be wise to choose a gold coin that is widely recognised, yet not one issued by the government of the country he lives in. E.g. for US citizens a Maple Leaf may be a wise choice and conversely a Canadian resident would better go for a US Eagle. The problem with a UN coin, it seems to me, is that one always lives in a UN country, so should the UN want to confiscate them, perhaps your local government (no matter where) will act as an agent on their behalf and see that you turn in your UN coin as if it were one issued by themselves. Therefore I'd be reluctant to store my wealth in any of these and would rather go for say Krugerrands, because they are well known and I might want to move countries some day, but the chances that I'd decide to go live in South Africa are quite slim.

A global currency i dont know if thats good news or bad news. maybe they would like to create a 1 world government and there slowly implementing it. Regardless the coin does look very beautiful. I collect gold coins from all over the world and i would definately add this to my collection

The UN gold coins looks very nice i wonder when it will be released. Heres another site which also has gold coins http://www.gold-coins.com.au/

Looks like a very nice coin. I wonder why there releasing a 2009 coin at the very end of 2009 though. Shouldnt it be a 2010 coin

This will be hopefully selling as well as the "Obama" gold coin. Below gold value, but seriously this will represent the NWO taking over.

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