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Looks beautiful. It's one place I've always wanted to see.

I good friend of mine read your post, Georg, and asked me to post this message: Lumela, ntate`, Ou a pela?

A good friend...

I had to reserach the phrase in the internet - my best guess: Hello, how are you.


Kind regards to your friend.

Funny, years ago, when I lived in Frankfurt an Irish Pub opened just across the street from my appartment.

I was a frequent customer, of course. It was there that I met two Canadian brothers, one small, stout and corpulent, the other lean like John Cleese. It turned out that they had lived on the same University Campus in Lesotho (Roma nearby Maseru, now the National University) where I was brought up. They had arrived in Roma only a few years later and knew many of the characters that I remebered directly or from tales.

If I were not such a stay-at-home type, Lesotho would be on my list of destinations.

Breathtakingly beautifuly, very high altitudes (we lived, snow in winter, and throughtout the year very cold nights.

We lived in Roma (altitude 5 500 feet), where Canadian oblates had instituted a University. My dad set up the department of mathematics and my mother was very active in establishing the handycraft industry (which apparently lives on, as the film suggests).


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