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"usually the films that are done end up on YouTube in a compromising position."

Gosh, you mean sound bytes can be used against politicians?!? Say it ain't so!

Well, if we do get midterm elections, hopefully this kind of crap will result in some small-government types getting elected. I only hope there are a few honest men left and districts willing to vote them in.

I love irony.

I wonder what type of stealth camera set up captured this? I want one!

Probably a phone camera. The arrogance is mind-boggling. They want to control things but can't figure out how right now.

Your information is outdated. Elected officials USED to work for the people who elected them. No longer. The fix is in, and there is a permanent majority in the electorate that will vote democrat no matter what the democrats do. You've seen their arrogance increase since the last election. That's not an accident.

The elected officials will raise your taxes to buy votes. They will do that by handing out money hand over fist, even though the money is borrowed from China. The voters they buy will exercise their franchise as they vote themselves ever larger shares of the public treasury.

The top 1% of wage earners now pay more taxes than the bottom 1/2. Yet the former cast -- duh -- 1% of the vote, and the latter 50%. Nearly 40% of voters pay no taxes whatsoever, yet they consume an ever-increasing share of taxes through entitlement programs.

Someone once said "nobody ever got a job from a poor man". Maybe not, but the ruling democrat elite have gotten secure positions from the "poor", and they are very secure in their lifetime positions.

And yes, they are in charge.

And yes, you work for them.

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