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Wow, a little sanity can be seen through the fog.

Initially, three things come to mind.

First, how great if all of the states would do this and hopefully put an end to the incredibly horrid tradition of ordering their legions to cite, ticket, and generally plunder their states' citizens to make up for lost revenue.

Second, if the states all do the same, they would immediately free up a great number of people into the economy which would, at first, lead to some discomfort but would ultimately result in a more robust economy as people went back to work in the private sector.

Lastly, this could only work if the federal government does the same and stops leaning on its printing press. With a reduction of services at the state level, I can't imagine that the central politicians would resist picking up the slack. They would jump on the opportunity to debilitate the states even further while spending money to buy even more votes.

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