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So, if we've crossed the boundary (and we may have--I still like to think that we haven't quite--even though we're nudging right up next to it, perhaps sticking one foot over--or is it like a touch down in football-you just have to break the plane of the goal line for it to count, even if you're pushed back by the defense??) is there any turning back? Are the borders now closed?

If we've crossed the line, and there's no turning back, short, I suppose of a revolution--then where do we go from here? I'm not confident that citizens--even armed citizens--stand much of a chance against the people who control laser guided conventional and nuclear weapons. If we can't hope for a political revolution that will change the direction that we're going, oughtn't we just give in and accept the will of our masters?

Who knows whether or not we've reached that point? If so, it means we move forward with any attempt to peaceably stop what is happening with little or no success. Time will tell. If it is truly beyond the point of repair, then there is nothing left to do but to watch the whole thing crumble someday from its own weight; sort of like the USSR. That is, if we live long enough.

If we haven't moved beyond that point then we should start to see some success moving forward. I sincerely hope we see some success.

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