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When you get this all done, why don't you think about posting it on the "Think Tank" so that people can refer back to it from time to time?

Will do.


"- Taxes are collected to keep inflation in check and to ensure the state monopoly on currency. When you understand at least these two basic points, you then begin to understand why the Federal Reserve and the income tax were both created in the same year, 1913. The two must work side by side to balance the economy"

It seems that this patawan was correct when he wrote:

["The federal government has an unlimited amount of money at its disposal." Technically, yes. Practically, no. Unless it has an infinite number of vehicles in which to absorb it so that it never causes hyperinflation.]

Unlimited, or infinite, amounts of money lent into existence would require unlimited, or infinite, vehicles designed to absorb it back in or there would be a very finite end to the economical system we now enjoy as we spiraled into hyperinflationary chaos.

The student has become the master.

Great series of posts. Perfect for the think tank. I look forward to the next installment.

Hmmm...Master you are. The code you have deciphered. To convince others is what you seek in how to impress freedom....Hmmm.


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