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Does anyone think that Obama is anguishing in the Oval Office saying, "Oh, my God -- if I've lost George Will, I've lost the Nation"?


What is a problem now is that Obama supporters now support the Afghanistan war. Talking to an anti-war democrat just a couple weeks ago he stated that we had to be in Afghanistan since Pakistan had nukes. Where is the ANTI-WAR party in the US? It's gone. (Some would say it never existed.) George Will at least had the courage to stand up to this. But as a voter, who do you vote for if you are against war?


"Some would say it never existed."

Out history certainly shows that to be the case. Most anti-war rhetoric from democrats or republicans is a disagreement on procedure rather than a condemnation of war in general.

We need to elect some Quakers into office.

We did. Richard Milhous Nixon. And we see how well that turned out. : )


Son of a .... I never Tricky dick was a Quaker! Certainly, he wasn't a practicing one.

Well, then, maybe we need a Shaker. They made good furniture and used to be the premier plant seed distributors, maybe they would make good politicians if there are any left.

The truth is that we have not fought a "war" in the traditional sense of that word since WWII. Therein lies the rub. When you look at WWII you see the true carnage that is required to "win" a war. Having lost the stomach for such in the wake of WWII, we have redefined war to be a more "comfortable" use of force. That is why we have not "won" a war since and will not unless we are willing to return to that rather horrific definition of what war really is. If we do, then not only will we fight far fewer of them, but our prospects for a definitive victory improves dramatically, albeit our consciences might suffer.

Just my opinion and you are welcome to it.

I disagree that we lost the stomach to fight wars after WWII. Look at Korea and Vietnam. They were bloody affairs and used tremendous resources.

I do think it is fair to say that we have made the mistake to never have our army 'stand down'. It is precisely the fact that they are just sitting around with 'nothing to do' that they are always are an option for dealing with problems.

If we maintained our military the way we did before WWI it would not be quite so easy to go traipsing about starting conflicts. However, the history of states is one of violence and we would probably still have many of these military actions. It's why the declaration of war clause was so important within the Constitution and too bad that it has been ignored for years.

1) I think it's safe to say that Nixon wasn't really a practicing Quaker--but if I recall correctly (I read parts of his memoirs when I was working on my dissertation), his mother was the real Quaker, quite conservative in her beliefs--his father not so much.
2) Nixon (more Kissinger) followed the "realist" school of international relations--which brings about some real conflicts sometimes between personal morality and ethics public foreign policy. (Can you tell that I'm boning up on my International Relations theory in preparation for teaching in a month?)
3) What it seems that we find in anti-war rhetoric comes from those who aren't really in the position to actually have to implement policy--today that's the Ron Paul's and Dennis Kucinich's of the world--in days gone by it was people like Robert Taft, George McGovern, etc. Neither party seems to have a lock on anti-war vocalists--although whichever party doesn't have the President in power tends to have the most at any given time.

The problem, I think, is that we've forgotten the Constitution. We've (collectively) projected upon the President the responsibility to "protect" us. That's really not his role--at least not directly--but nevertheless, I think that the projection of that role upon the office has resulted in people who might take office with the most peace loving intentions, to end up fighting wars that they shouldn't--because they've been convinced that they have to in order to keep us safe....Either that, or they're all power hungry SOBs who like having the power of life or death in their hands.

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