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Nice melody. The words were Greek to me.

Does anyone here have Valentines expectations? I mean, does anyone really expect to receive gifts from their significant other? Our kids made us some nice home-made cards but that is the extent of the holiday in our household. Romance should be more impetuous than the stores telling you to be romantic, no?

My husband and I got a nice card from our little guy (made at school, so I suppose that was the teacher's idea).

Otherwise, I have no real expectations. After 27 years of marriage, the material aspect of Valentine's Day really isn't a big deal--although 4 years ago, my husband did get my mother to come stay with the kids over along weekend, and spirited me away to Estes Park, where we were blessed with nice February weather--he managed to do a little fly fishing (in February!) and I put the finishing touches on my dissertation. The latter was the real purpose--I neeed to finish before the end of February so that I could defend in April.

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