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The more guns that are out there, the better I feel.

I am in the same boat, Laura. While I am a firm believer in gun rights, I never really had the desire to own one (the various weaponry I handle as part of my occupation do not count; though, truth to be told, I handle some pretty kick-ass weapons).

Owning a firearm is an expression of liberty.

Every single firearm owned by the populace represents the lessening of the state's monopoly on violent force.

I don't own a gun - unless you count the BB gun we have. But, lately, I have considered going downtown to the local gun shop to poke around for many of the reasons listed above.

During the holiday week, many of our neighbors get in some gun practice. The first year we were here, it was pretty annoying. Now, I enjoy the sound of guns popping off up and down the street.

I am in total support of other people's right to bear arms as long as I can pay them to defend me. The truth is my time is better spent on other activities, so I'd rather not pick up the gun myself.

I am a strong 2nd Amendment supporter while being a near-pacifist myself, go figure.

Christ said he who takes up the sword shall perish by the sword, and I think the same may go for firearms. Being interested in imitating the Prince of Peace, I attempt to practice his admonition to love my enemies, which takes a lot of practice!

But I have no delusions about the need to maintain some arms in the hands of the populace.

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