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I'm not going to listen to it again, but did the interviewer ask any question about Bob Barr's agenda and vision for America?

It seems that all they do is trot out third party candidates as if they're political pundits in order to critique the frontrunners. It would be nice if they treated them as presidential candidates instead. Mr. Barr needs to do a better job of quickly getting past the "I was wrong" segment in order to segue into some talking points describing what a Barr presidency would be like. Now is the time and no one is going to ask him so he might as well eschew proper interviewing protocol and answer the questions that he wished were asked rather than the fluff that's chosen for him. He will not be given air time once the race heats up in the fall and people start paying attention.

That's a good point, Eric. On the other hand, I suppose any press is good press at this point, and for those who are conservative libertarians not particularly fond of McCain, the separation of the two might be helpful for a while.

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