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If Eric Parks isn't entirely sold on Bob Barr, I should have to look at Barr's agenda more carefully (I've told D'Anne before that I am the first to wish to know what may be problematic about Barr).

So far, I have not come across anything that would deter me from supporting him and voting for him.

If Chuck Baldwin had a more powerful organisation and hence would be likely to attract substantial numbers of votes, I would have a preference for him - but that is not a criticism of Bob Barr (as I perceive him to date).

Also, if I came across "problems" with Barr and the Libertarian party, most likely (i.e, I don't expect fundamental disagreements) I would oppose these issues of divergence in a constructive spirit, sincerely hoping to strengthen him and his party.

Too bad, Ron Paul isn't in the race any more - for we do need a strong libertarian force as an alternative in November.

So, let us give support to Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party.


In the above poll, I caste my vote for Bob Barr and will probably do so in the general election.

I believe that Chuck Baldwin is a better representation of freedom but the Constitution Party as a whole has certain characteristics about it that I find troubling and therefore will not give Mr. Baldwin the political nod.

The Libertarian Party has historically been the true liberty party but its re-writing of the bylaws and nomination of a gentleman with a few neocon skeletons in his closet gives me a bit of pause even if he has worked to undo the damage. He should never have inflicted the damage in the first place.

So don't give my misgivings much thought as they are dwelling on the past more so than the present. Bob Barr just takes some getting used to, I guess. I'd much rather have a candidate who showed his principled nature rather than his failings when it really mattered.

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