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I think as the campaign goes on Giuliani and Romney are going to lose some of their current support as real conservatives look to one of their own, perhaps even Sam Browback. At least we hope so!


I think that the socons are going to have to pick one of Brownback, Romney, Huckabee or (perhaps) Fred Thompson early on, if their power isn't to be diluted.

Of course "real conservative" is in the eye of the beholder. Different folks define that differently. Since there are social/religious conservatives, fiscal conservatives, small government conservatives, libertarian conservatives, neoconservatives, big government conservatives, etc., I think it's a bit of a problem to suggest that there are "real conservatives" out there, since all of them think that they are the true conservatives. The big question, I think, is whether they can work and play well enough together to actually get another president elected.

Small government/libertarian conservatives are, of course, the real conservatives.

You're right, naturally!

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