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Thanks for posting that clip. It's a number of years old, but still very instructive. Gov. Morrison died a number of years ago, but gave many years of service to our state. Ted Sorenson passed a away several years ago, as well, but is probably one of Nebraska's most famous "native sons", having served as one of President Kennedy's young "best and brightest" in the early 60's. He was Kennedy's speechwriter, and probably responsible for the "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" line.

Former State Sen. Dave Landis, who plays George Norris in this clip, spoke to my class of senators a few weeks ago during our orientation. He serves in the administration of Former State Senator (and current Lincoln Mayor) Chris Beutler.


Thanks for the above instructive background info.

You are part of a great tradition.

It is exciting to follow how you keep and grow it.

There is so much to learn from it. Your patience and perseverance in judiciously taking step by step is just admirable.

Make sure to get at least some rest, before the new year.

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