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Sorry to hear that, Georg. Dogs have a funny way of becoming a real part of the family. We lost a dog when I was a kid, after "crashing into a car." The driver of the car felt awful.

Mona sounds like she was a great companion for you.

My condolences, Georg. Good companions are often felt most strongly by their absence. Dogs sure prove that fact. We have a new puppy for our daughter, Sarah - a Golden-Doodle. She named her 'Eve', since we adopted her on Christmas Eve (from a shelter where she resided with her brother and mother - all rescued from a swamp). While only with us a short time, she has befriended our 3-year-old dog, Cola, and enraptured our family with her antic puppy ways. To imagine the void left by her via some sudden tragedy is already hard to do, as she has taken up space in our lives. Maybe you have space for a new pup?

Dear Laura, dear Eric,

Thanks so much for your sympathy.

Do not worry too much about me. Of course, I am sad, but Mona was not my daily companion, let alone my dog; she's the dog of a very close and dear friend of mine.

Practically living on a ranch, with a great dog companion, a loving owner, friendly humans, and tons of dog-adequate action, she had a fantastic dog life and a sudden death, which is a pretty good second best compared to a longer happy dog life.

When I came home early in the morning, I felt the need to distract myself by creating a post ("A Modern Sense of Beauty")and then I felt it would do me good to write another post -- this time about Mona, which did help me to get to grips with the tragedy.

Thanks to you, again.

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