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I would like to think that humans shouldn't be too happy. That breeds complacency and stagnation. Many great inventions that reached human society are the result of dissatisfaction. What really should be avoided is being jealous of your fellows and their success. Picking the best cups isn't a bad thing. But eying your neighbor's is a bit different.

Job, money, and position are substantive parts of life. These aspects aren't just window dressing.

I agree with your points but I also agree that if job, money, and position are stressing you out, and/or if your jealousy drives you into such stresses, you may be holding onto trappings rather than finding happiness in life.

Humans should strive to be successful as their definition of success dictates it to them. Happiness and complacency are not necessarily synonymous. Therefore, I agree with the main moral of the story. The "live simply" part, not so much, if a complicated life makes one happy. I raise my cup of hot chocolate to you, TanGeng.

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