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I wonder if it will be remotely possible to get caught up on my reading during the Christmas break between classes. Another one added to my (long) list. Thanks for posting this Georg.

I am expecting the book to arrive tomorrow, and will start reading it at once.

I, too, dear Laura, have to cope with a huge backlog of stuff to read, among which I would like to highlight a number of articles that the great P.T. Bauer has written on British colonialism:

"Black Africa: The Living Legacy of Dying Colonialism", chapter 6 in his book "Reality and Rhetoric";

"British Colonial Africa: Economic Retrospect and Aftermath, chapter 9 in his book "Equality, the Third World, and Economic Delusion";

"The Economics of Resentment: Colonialism and Underdevelopment", Chapter 3 in his Book "Dissent on Development".

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