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I suppose pizzicato might be part of a toccata, though this piece involves brass with some serious finger dexterity.

For some reason I tend to associate toccata with mandolin. Or maybe it was too much chianti and too spicy a pizza.

Great piece of music, nifty dramatic entrance.

Well said, Roger. Thanks for the interesting comment. My inexpert self can see no problem in associating toccata with mandolin. Infact, historically, one would expect frequent mandolin performance of toccata.

Talking about "pizzicato". One of the best jazz records I have ever owned (and still own, but where is the record?) is Ron Carter's "Pick'em". Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find excerpts of it on You Tube.

I agree with Roger. Very dramatic entrance coupled with well-played fanfare. Now, where can I get my hands on some chianti and spicy pizza? It'll have to wait until all of the Thanksgiving leftovers are finished off. Yum!

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