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This is an interesting expression of mating of ideas together. Cultures and ideas benefit radically from cross pollination. While wealth is the accretion of capital, efficiency of capital is improved with better ideas and better application. Idea exchange essentially widens the scope of trial-and-error experimentation.

While some mistakes have to be made repeatedly, models of success can be copied and mutated as widely as they have have been propagated. By looking at how fast mutations are generated, tested, fail, and propagate, it's easy to see that cultural evolution is going to be orders of magnitude faster than its biological counterpart.

The hypothesis of progression through cultural evolution leads to both complete destruction of barriers to trade and destruction of idea propagation. Protectionism, nativism, and intellectual property all would get the defenestration treatment in favor of unbridled openness. That is highly radical.

I wish I got the attention that Person 1 is getting. Next I'll try some outrageous nonsense, that may do the trick. Something alsong the line:

I peleave in Chörman exchepzionalism. I sink we are the subeerior race of ze world, and we should finish the good start zatt we had made in ze matter in ze sirtees. Butt zis time vee should start by pringing our light to ze decadent yankees. Ze socialdemocrats used to be von of our main enemies, and now zey are ruling Amerika. Vee must safe ze Amis from semselves ant make ze vörld safe from our enemies. zis is pure selbstinteresse, ant vee haff ze right to do anysing vee consider necessary to brodect our intrests, verstanden!?

"zis time vee should start by pringing our light to ze decadent yankees"

LOL! Thank you, oh wise and wonderful German interventionist. We await your bombs with great anticipation.

I'm all for German imperialism if you promise all the Germans will be like you, Georg. LOL. I will try to avoid taking any more Person 1 bait, and let that post disappear into the archives...

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